Excursions to the Comandancia de la Plata with Hostal Bayamo / Particular house with private bathrooms. Phone: (+53 23) 429127 Email: hostalbayamoreservas@yahoo.es

Comandancia de la Plata is actualy and Historic Complex, it was constructed and utilized by Fidel Castro and the Rebeld Army to endings of the decade of the fifty it was the General Quarters during the beginnings of The Cubanas Revolutionary fights of that period, counts with 16 installations, support of the guerrilla fighters commanded by Fidel and Raul Castro, Ché, Camilo and the movement’s most representative figures guerrilla fighter, the strategic position and the peculiar design of Fidel’s house do that one come from the most visited.

This Installation was declared National Monument since 1980.

The perfect combination between history, nature and walkings make of this one pleasant excursion on the mountains

Our team guarantees you accommodation in the city of Bayamo transportation with negotiable prices.

Do not hesitate to live this incredible experience through Hostal Bayamo and contact us

Av. Amado Estévez n. 67 (altos) e/ 8 y A. Reparto: Roberto Reyes, Bayamo, Granma.

Teléfono +53 23 429127  or   +53 52719085

email: hostalbayamoreservas@yahoo.es

hostal bayamo

hostal bayamo

hostal bayamo

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Propietario de Casa Hostal Bayamo. Licenciado en Psicología General y en Turismo Especializado. email: hostalbayamoreservas@yahoo.es teléfono fijo: (53 23) 429127 celular: (53) 52719085

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