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The mountains in Cuba have a great natural beauty but those located in the Eastern of Cuba are extremely attractive. You are going to feel surrounded by the beautiful forest, wildlife birds, and the freshness of nature. Where creeks converge you can find unique plants and birds such as the Cuban Royal Palm and the endemic Cuban Tocororo. They are known as part of the Cuban national symbols.

Furthermore you can climb Turquino Peak located in the hearth of the Sierra Maestra mountains. This is the highest point on the island with a height of 1974 meters above the sea level. This location has been the most visited attraction by Cubans and foreigners in recent years.

Many intense battles took place in and around these mountains during the Revolution time, but Fidel Castro was able to form the “Comandancia de La Plata” in 1957, which served as permanent headquarters for the war against President Batista. Many stories have been told about this historical place. Visitors can feel the energy and voices of revolutionary leaders such as Ernesto Che Guevara while enjoying spectacular views from the top of these mystical and beautiful mountains.

Our corporate group is responsible for coordinating your visit to “Sierra Maestra National Park” and we will strive to make this the best tour of your live.

Tips when visiting the Sierra Maestra:

1- You should wear non-slip shoes.

2- Must not have disabilities.

3-You may carry mountain climbing canes.

4-Recommended sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat or cap, and swimwear if desired.

Our team guarantees your accommodation in the city of Bayamo or in the Sierra Maestra National Park. We also provide transportation round trip. Prices are negotiable.

Hostal Bayamo.

Av. Amado Estévez n. 67 (altos) e/ 8 y A  Jesús Menéndez, Bayamo, Granma.

Phone +53 23 429127


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Acerca de hostalbayamo

Propietario de Casa Hostal Bayamo. Licenciado en Psicología General y en Turismo Especializado. email: teléfono fijo: (53 23) 429127 celular: (53) 52719085

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