Excursions to the Pico Turquino and Comandancia de La Plata with Hostal Bayamo / Casa Particular with private bathrooms (+5323 429127) (hostalbayamoreservas@yahoo.es)

The path to the Turquino is the longest, exhausting and difficult to climb, but rewarding because we will rejoice with beautiful and unique landscapes through this mountainous chain south eastern Cuban region: the Sierra Maestra, impressive reliefs and hilly elevations , vast, powerless and beautiful. It is distinguished by its variety of climates and soils. It is very pleasant for the high average rainfall.

The greatest treasure for lovers of history and nature. Learn more to ascend to the headquarters of La Plata, while walking elsewhere who witnessed the struggle of the rebels in the Sierra Maestra.

Our team guarantees you accommodation in the city of Bayamo or teacher Sierra plus transportation to and back with negotiable prices.

Do not hesitate to live this incredible experience through Hostal Bayamo and contact us:

Av. Amado Estévez n. 67 (altos) e/ 8 y A. Reparto: Jesús Menéndez, Bayamo, Granma.

Teléfono +53 23 429127


safari a la comandancia de la plata 243

safari a la comandancia de la plata 281

safari a la comandancia de la plata 11





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Acerca de hostalbayamo

Propietario de Casa Hostal Bayamo. Licenciado en Psicología General y en Turismo Especializado. email: hostalbayamoreservas@yahoo.es teléfono fijo: (53 23) 429127 celular: (53) 52719085

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