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San Salvador de Bayamo was founded by governor Diego Velazquez, on november 5,1513,at the chieftainship of equal name becoming the second village after Baracoa. San Salvador de Bayamo was one of the first Cuban villages to evolve from a military enclave to a settlement, a concept already used in Santo Domingo.

Bayamo was a pottery and food producing region. Agriculture was the line of development laid out by the Spanish authorities for these territories.

Both Velazquez and the crown gave way to the foundation of San Salvador de Bayamo in 1513, due to its organinizing and productive potential. In 1837, a decree from the Spanish metropolis gave Bayamo the title of city.

The Village was founded in the natural scenario of the Bayamo River.Part of the population settled by the borders of the river and its surroundings, seeking to start trading, tiling, and to get advantage of the river’s waters, the richness of the forest, the soil and the contruction materials found in valley.

Due to its growth, and having a navigable river next to it, the city achieved great importance in trading activities , which propelled its development.

During the XVI CENTURY San Salvador de Bayamo was the second city in the island after it’s capital, San Cristobal de la Habana. In 1554 of the bishop. Years later the Diocese will be officiated by noted Friar Juan de las Cabezas Altamirano.

It was the best farming land of the colony and a trade emporium with Jamaica and Terra Firma until 1616 when the village suffered the flooding of the Cauto River.

Among the places of attraction the visitor will find the Casa Natal Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Father of the Motherland ,and the Iglesia Parroquial San Salvador de Bayamo, which keeps with fervor the only fresco of patriotic motivation painted in a church of the island , it also keeps open the Capilla de Dolores (1740),whose baroque reredos classifies among the most spendind ones of the country.

Byayamo has the first capital of the Republic in Arms. On January 12,1869,the city was set on fire by its own people ,rather than surrender it to the Spanish army.

Everybody wants to visit Bayamo, at least once, just to know the history of the the place where the Cuban National Anthem was sung for the first time and every single corner is a symbol of glory ,more than one reason to call the Cradle of the Cuban Nationality.

You can visit we city and we hostal, only have read or visit

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